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article / November 2022

Rewards for Patience

Causeway has used recent market pessimism to increase exposure to developed markets stocks afflicted by China's zero-Covid policy.

article / September 2021

Regulation or Strangulation? Interpreting China’s Regulatory Push

How can investors get comfortable with the regulatory risk of investing in China?

article / June 2021

Local Champions: The Upside Potential in Chinese Companies

From beneficiaries of onshoring to founder-led businesses, Causeway portfolio manager Fusheng Li is identifying upside in Chinese equities while seeking to manage the market's risks.

article / November 2019

Causeway China Research Journal: The Returnees

We share key conclusions from our recent China research trip, which illuminated the opportunity presented by the world’s second largest equity market.

article / June 2018

Adventures in China A Shares

With the inclusion of China A share stocks in select MSCI indices, the emerging markets opportunity set continues to evolve. We assess opportunities and risks to consider when evaluating this growing market.

article / July 2015

Paying the Piper: Economic Reform in China

How has the deceleration in Chinese real gross domestic product growth and the government’s boosting of stock markets shaped how we have positioned client portfolios? We present our research view of China in 2015.

article / July 2012

China: Valuation Is the Lure

Portfolio managers Arjun Jayaraman, MacDuff Kuhnert, and Kevin Durkin discuss how Causeway implements its view of China in both developed and emerging markets portfolios.