Causeway fosters an inclusive culture of collaboration, stability and intellectual curiosity.

Our values

Client focus

We are responsible for putting our clients’ needs above all others. We are accountable for exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Respect for fellow employees

We are responsible for fostering a work environment that encourages independent thinking, camaraderie and enthusiasm, and embraces diversity. We are accountable for the career growth and development of each of our employees.

Pride of ownership

As owners, we are responsible for committing the highest level of dedication to our profession. We are solely accountable for the direction and public perception of the firm.

Commitment to family

We are responsible for our employees maintaining a healthy balance between work and family. We are accountable to our employees’ families.

Promoting diversity

We embrace diversity and encourage an inclusive culture at Causeway, as is reflected in the composition of our firm.

Our firm is majority-owned by women and minorities (combined). Nearly 50% of our current employees are minorities, and over 30% are women. Since inception, women have comprised at least 50% our board of managers—currently, women are 75% of the board.

Causeway is committed to improving professional opportunities for women. We partner with Girls Who Invest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in portfolio management and executive leadership in the asset management industry, and our CEO, Sarah Ketterer, is a member of the advisory board.  Causeway actively recruits women for positions in conjunction with multiple organizations, including  Women in Institutional Investments Network (WIIN). Causeway employees have participated on speaker panels at WIIN conferences and are members of WIIN, and one employee who is a member of the WIIN board of directors.

Charitable and community involvement

We believe it’s important to make a difference outside of our offices as well.

Causeway employees participate in community outreach programs in our local schools, as well as initiatives coordinated by L.A. Works, which focuses on contributing to a more equitable Los Angeles by organizing 25,000 volunteers per year to address the most pressing issues of our community through meaningful acts of service. We have prepped meals at Project Angel Food, hosted a Halloween carnival at the Boys and Girls Club and beautified a number of public schools.

We also participate in annual fundraising events designed to benefit the John Tracy Center, a charitable organization that provides parent-centered services locally and globally to young children with hearing loss, offering families hope, guidance, and encouragement.

Daniel Pham

Chief Financial Officer and Risk Officer

Joined Causeway in 2010

“This is a place where, if you show the interest, and want to put in the effort, the sky’s the limit. We want you to grow and move up.”

Karla Castillo

Facilities Specialist

Joined Causeway in 2016

“Coming here, it was totally different — everybody’s looking out for each other. They appreciate what I do, and that motivates me to keep doing it.”

Art Myles

Office Specialist

Joined Causeway at inception (2001)

“I’ve watched employees grow up here. I’ve watched people get married and have kids. I’ve watched their kids grow up. I’ve known their spouses for years. There’s a sense of family for me.”