Global investing with a dual perspective

Causeway manages equities globally, informed by our fusion of fundamental and quantitative analysis


Global equity manager


Founded in June 2001


$45.2B in assets under management*


102 employees, including 37 investment professionals

* as of September 30, 2021

Fundamental research focused on value

Our fundamental portfolio managers and analysts belong to research clusters organized by global sectors. This format brings a cross-trained group of sector specialists together to critique and debate each investment idea for Causeway’s developed markets strategies, looking to buy or sell at the right price and the right time. Their expertise is complemented by quantitative risk modeling.

Quantitative research focused on multi-factor alpha and risk management

Our quantitative portfolio managers and analysts manage Causeway’s emerging markets and international small cap strategies, and a portion of our international and global opportunities strategies, and provide screening and risk management tools to the fundamental investment process for our other strategies. In-depth knowledge from fundamental research enriches the empirical quantitative analysis.

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