Causeway is a majority employee-owned investment management firm specializing in equity strategies that span the globe. We combine fundamental and quantitative research disciplines to manage global, international, emerging markets, small cap, and sustainable strategies. Based in Los Angeles, we manage assets primarily for institutions located in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

  • Integrating fundamental and quantitative research

    Our integrated approach to research means that every strategy benefits from our dual perspective. The in-depth rigor of our fundamental analysis produces an understanding of companies and their intrinsic value. Our quantitative analysts systematically process vast amounts of empirical data, seeking to identify otherwise unobservable patterns and relationships. We are not the only investors to recognize the respective strengths of fundamental and quantitative research disciplines. But embedding both approaches into each of our equity strategies gives us a knowledge advantage that we believe helps us seek better investment results for our clients.

  • Majority employee-owned

    We are majority employee-owned, with ownership distributed across our investment team and other members of the firm. Our independence helps align our interests with our clients’ interests and promotes organizational stability.

  • Long track record and staff tenure

    Our investment team’s more than 30-year track record (including its tenure at a prior firm) reflects our commitment and success as a global investment manager. The portfolio managers who established our flagship international value equity strategy are at the firm today. Low turnover among our senior management and investment teams has fostered collaborative, informed decision making, and positions us for continuity and consistency as we manage our clients’ portfolios and our firm.

Key facts


Global equity manager


Founded in June 2001


$47.5B in assets under management*


105 employees, including 38 investment professionals

* as of March 31, 2024

Our active management philosophy

We believe that we can outperform our clients’ benchmarks over full market cycles by combining fundamental and quantitative research to identify investment opportunities in equity markets around the world.

We seek to achieve superior returns over full market cycles while generally taking the level of risk commensurate with the return potential. We strive to recognize where markets are evolving and how clients are thinking about equities, and we respond with strategies based on what we do best: buying mispriced equities, seeking upside potential and, wherever possible, dividend income, in both developed and emerging markets.


Our values

Client focus

We are responsible for putting our clients’ needs above all others. We are accountable for exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Respect for fellow employees

We are responsible for fostering a work environment that encourages independent thinking, camaraderie and enthusiasm, and embraces diversity. We are accountable for the career growth and development of each of our employees.

Pride of ownership

As owners, we are responsible for committing to the highest level of dedication to our profession. We are solely accountable for the direction and public perception of the firm.

Commitment to family

We are responsible for our employees maintaining a healthy balance between work and family. We are accountable to our employees’ families.

Company history

Causeway’s investment team’s track record spans over 30 years (including tenure at a prior firm), reflecting our ability to help our clients meet their investment objectives as markets cycle and evolve.

Pioneers in international markets

In 1990, when few asset allocators dared invest substantially beyond their home markets, Sarah Ketterer co-founded the international value strategy for Hotchkis & Wiley. Harry Hartford joined her in 1994, and they continued to manage the international value strategy when Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM) purchased Hotchkis & Wiley in 1996. Their shared belief in value-focused, fundamentally driven active management guided the design of our flagship strategy. In 2001, members of this international value equity team left to form Causeway. They believed that an employee-owned firm could better serve its clients. The team of 25 people included fundamental and quantitative investment professionals, operations, and compliance staff — many of whom remain at Causeway today.

Fundamental and quantitative: A strengthening union

Marrying seemingly disparate fundamental and quantitative research disciplines is at the core of our approach. Early on, we embedded a quantitative risk model into fundamental portfolio construction, for deliberate portfolio risk positioning. Later, we created a quantitatively driven alpha process with fundamental risk mitigators to capture diverse performance drivers in emerging markets equities. Today, fundamental and quantitative analysts at Causeway continue to  collaborate, developing new ways for quantitative tools to assist in fundamental portfolio decisions, and for our collective fundamental knowledge to augment our quantitative capabilities. 

Sharing our powerful research tools with clients

In recent years, we have complemented our investment management services by sharing our analytical capabilities and research with our clients, from our Risk Lens service to our research in Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) materiality.



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The Causeway legend

Along the coastal cliffs of Northern Ireland, over 40,000 basalt columns interlock in a unique topology to form the Giant’s Causeway. Geologists attribute the origin of the Causeway to the cooling of multiple lava flows upon contact with the sea over 60 million years ago. Yet, according to local legend, the geographical wonder was formed when giant Finn McCool hurled lumps of earth into the Irish Sea to build a bridge between Ireland and Scotland.

This distinctive bridge between lands symbolizes timelessness, survival, and permanence. At Causeway, we share a deep commitment to the enduring virtues of thorough analysis, critical debate, and the cultivation of talent.

Moreover, the structure of our own research team reflects the interlocking columns of the Causeway. We draw on the innovative spirit of the legendary Finn McCool as we blend quantitative and fundamental research to help our clients reach their goals.

This spirit of innovation is pervasive at Causeway. We are a firm replete with new ideas, cutting-edge research and proprietary models. Causeway is a place where new ideas are generated and old practices challenged.