November 2020

ESG alpha, novel metrics and integration in the investment process

Causeway vice president and senior research analyst, Mo Khan, recently appeared on Investment Magazine’s Market Narrative podcast with Alex Proimos to discuss his work on ESG at Causeway. In the episode, Mo and Alex discuss the increased investor scrutiny on ESG issues over the past 10 years, the economic rationale between ESG and alpha, and the importance of developing an internal view of ESG factors and materiality. Also covered are topics such as how ESG differs at the stock-level versus integration at the portfolio-level, how ESG engagement can be viewed as an alternative to negative screens, standardization in ESG reporting, and the role of investor education and the sharing of research.

article / November 2020

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Seeking to Identify Long-Term Winners Using Causeway’s Competitive Strength Score

An industry’s competitive landscape and a company’s position within it have been closely linked to changes in profitability and, ultimately, a stock’s return potential. In this research piece, we discuss Causeway’s quantitative competitive strength framework that we believe addresses some of these important issues and aids in stock selection.

webinar / November 2020

A Challenging Truth: Investors Need Value Today More Than Ever (Webinar)

We believe that investors need value stocks now more than ever. In this webinar, Causeway co-founders Sarah Ketterer and Harry Hartford will examine today’s market distortions and the extreme value discount. As an active value manager, we highlight some of the most compelling investment opportunities that we have seen in decades.

article / November 2020

Update On COVID-19 Vaccines: A Major Breakthrough For mRNA Technology

Following today’s major COVID-19 vaccine announcement from Pfizer and BioNTech, we have summarized the key insights from our research team. Resolving the current healthcare crisis will be critical in sustaining a value recovery and today’s news was a significant milestone. As we ultimately exit the COVID-19 crisis, we believe our positioning in well-managed cyclical stocks should benefit our clients’ portfolios.

webcast / October 2020

Causeway Funds Webcasts: 3Q2020

Causeway Funds invites you to view our 3Q2020 series of quarterly webcasts. During these webcasts, we review performance of our funds and share our investment outlook.

article / August 2020

The “GFC” For Travel

After their worst year on record, a recovery in travel-related stocks may be in sight.

webcast / July 2020

Causeway Funds Webcasts: 2Q2020

Causeway Funds invites you to view our 2Q2020 series of quarterly webcasts. During these webcasts, we review performance of our funds and share our investment outlook.

article / July 2020

A Value Investor Uncovers Opportunities in Technology

In a sector known for lofty valuations, a value investor can identify technology stocks with promising return potential.