Dr. Khan is a portfolio manager and director of ESG research at Causeway. He joined the firm in April 2017 and has been a portfolio manager since December 2021. Prior to Causeway, he was the Honeywell Professor at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, the James M Collins Professor at Harvard Business School, and earlier, an assistant professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Dr. Khan has published numerous scientific articles in leading academic journals on stock return prediction models and signals. His research on stock return predictability extended to ESG factors when he coauthored the seminal 2016 Harvard paper on ESG Materiality.1 This paper “marked a turning point in how investors view ESG”.2 His 2019 paper on ESG and global stock returns, published in the CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal, is the most read ESG article published in that journal in the last decade.3

At Causeway, Dr. Khan works closely with fellow Causeway quantitative portfolio managers in alpha research and portfolio construction. Dr. Khan developed our proprietary ESG alpha scoring engine that identifies companies with strong ESG characteristics and alpha potential. He is also the architect of our ESG integration approach, and developed new Global Sustainable strategies. He leads our ESG research, integration, product development, and ESG portfolio management efforts.

Dr. Khan earned a PhD in accounting, with a focus on statistics, economics, and finance, from the University of Toronto.

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