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webinar / March 2021

A Value Manager's Take On Disruption: ESG At Causeway (Webinar)

Sustainability and corporate responsibility drive consumer, policy, and company priorities, now more than ever before. A discussion of Causeway's approach to ESG considerations.

article / March 2021

Forging an Alpha-Centric Approach to ESG

A discussion of ESG's relation to alpha, incorporating ESG into an investment framework, ways to evaluate managers on ESG, and how the field is evolving.

November 2020

ESG alpha, novel metrics and integration in the investment process

Causeway senior research analyst, Mo Khan, recently appeared on Investment Magazine’s Market Narrative podcast with Alex Proimos to discuss his work on ESG at Causeway.

video / May 2020

ESG Masterclass

Senior research analyst Mozaffar Khan appears on AssetTV to examine ESG trends, integration and awareness.

article / October 2019

Corporate Governance, ESG, and Stock Returns around the World

We constructed governance and ESG metrics that yield statistically and economically significant alpha in a global investable universe. Our research is featured in the CFA Institute's Financial Analysts Journal.

article / May 2019

Highlights from Causeway Convergence 2019

We share investment videos from the Causeway research team on topics we featured at our March 2019 client conference.

video / April 2019

ESG Masterclass

Senior research analyst Mozaffar Khan appears on AssetTV to discuss ESG investing.

video / January 2019

ESG and Alpha

We approach the question of where there is alpha in ESG by constructing new governance and ESG scores, drawing on economic concepts from the academic literature.