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article / November 2020

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Seeking to Identify Long-Term Winners Using Causeway’s Competitive Strength Score

An industry’s competitive landscape and a company’s position within it have been closely linked to changes in profitability and, ultimately, a stock’s return potential. In this research piece, we discuss Causeway’s quantitative competitive strength framework that we believe addresses some of these important issues and aids in stock selection.

video / February 2020

Quick Takes: Big Data and Machine Learning

Causeway quantitative analysts debut ways they harness the power of big data for investment strategies.

video / February 2020

Quick Takes: Alternative Data

In this video, Causeway quantitative analysts highlight two unique sources of alternative data that we now use in our investment processes.

article / February 2020

Data, Data Everywhere but Don’t Forget to Think

Causeway shares examples of harnessing the potential alpha in new data sources, tools and techniques.

article / May 2019

Highlights from Causeway Convergence 2019

We share investment videos from the Causeway research team on topics we featured at our March 2019 client conference.

video / January 2019

ESG and Alpha

We approach the question of where there is alpha in ESG by constructing new governance and ESG scores, drawing on economic concepts from the academic literature.

article / August 2018

Value and Earnings Estimates Revisions – A Powerful Pairing

This paper highlights how new areas of convergence have empowered our portfolio managers to address the challenges of value investing in today’s markets.

article / April 2017

A Highlight from Causeway's 2017 Client Conference: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Value Cycle

We share insights on the value investing cycle from our March 2017 client conference.