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Sustainability and corporate responsibility are driving consumer, policy, and company priorities, now more than ever before. As a result, these trends are disrupting traditional investment management. Environmental, social, and corporate governance (or “ESG”) considerations have long been incorporated into an analyst’s research mosaic for determining an asset’s intrinsic value. But in the last few years, the investment industry has faced a renewed urgency to de-mystify how these factors are incorporated into an investment decision. As a value manager, Causeway is focused both on risks related to ESG impacts and the opportunities these changes present across our fundamental and quantitative investment strategies.

In this replay of our second installment of the Causeway Disruption Series, we discuss ESG at Causeway. Director of ESG Research and Quantitative Senior Research Analyst Mo Khan discusses how ESG considerations have taken center stage for many investors and describes Causeway’s nuanced approach to ESG within our research efforts.