Causeway Funds: 8 of the Best International Fund Managers

Causeway International Value Fund earns Morningstar’s top rating in 2024.


Causeway Funds: Recovery Mode

Value Investor asks Causeway’s Sarah Ketterer and Ellen Lee to describe why cyclical stocks play well to their approach and their views on China and AI.


Causeway Funds: May Jobs Shock Shelves Rate-Cut Expectations

On this edition of Wall Street Week, Sarah Ketterer, Causeway Capital CEO tells us why higher rates have a sobering effect on markets.



Causeway Capital Management Named 2024 Asset Manager of the Year by Envestnet

Causeway earned the title of Manager of the Year for its Causeway International Value ADR strategy at Envestnet’s 20th annual awards program.

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Causeway Funds: Value Investing and the Case for International Markets

Causeway President & Portfolio Manager, Harry Hartford, shares his thoughts on the market outlook for international stocks, small caps and the US dollar in this week’s episode of Orion’s The Weighing Machine.

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Causeway Funds: Sarah Ketterer Featured in Barron’s 100 Most Influential Women In Finance

Leaders across the financial services industry continue to innovate and shape the future of asset management. Causeway CEO, Sarah Ketterer, has demonstrated her ability to hunt for value in this dynamic and changing landscape, earning her a spot on Barron’s 100 most influential women in finance.


Causeway Funds: Exciting Investment Opportunities with Award-Winning Global Value Investor Sarah Ketterer

CEO and portfolio manager, Sarah Ketterer, sees more value in international companies than its U.S. counterparts.

Disclosure: As of 12/31/23, the Causeway International Value Fund had a 4.5% weight in Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc.


Causeway Funds: S&P 500, NASDAQ 100 Near Record Close

With international stock valuations looking more attractive than the U.S., portfolio manager, Ellen Lee shares where Causeway sees growth potential.


Causeway Funds: Buy these 3 stocks to diversify your portfolio

Causeway portfolio manager, Ellen Lee, makes the case for owning foreign stocks to diversify your portfolio.


Causeway Funds: Wage Hikes Will Make Auto Profitability Hard

Sarah Ketterer discusses why the auto strike will be hard to resolve and why the Fed’s plan to hold rates higher for longer is causing tremors in markets.