Causeway Funds: Stocks Shake Off Weak Intel Outlook

Causeway fundamental portfolio manager, Ellen Lee, shares her thoughts on where the market is headed and which value stocks she believes can navigate a turbulent macro environment.


Causeway Funds: Best International Stocks to Invest In

Causeway quantitative portfolio manager, Ryan Myers, says value should continue to outperform in a “higher for longer” interest rate environment. He notes international stocks offer better relative value than U.S. stocks, especially, amidst slower U.S. growth.


Causeway Funds: Mixed Mood for Markets on The Week

Causeway CEO and portfolio manager Sarah Ketterer shares insight on why it’s important to diversify in times of geopolitical uncertainty.


Causeway Funds: Market is Priced for a Recession

On this edition of Wall Street Week, Sarah Ketterer discusses the Fed’s latest rate hike and believes more work has to be done. She also talks about why cyclical stocks are among the best performers.


Causeway Funds: Forbes 50 Over 50

Success has no age limit. The women — entrepreneurs, investors, creators, entertainers — on our second annual 50 Over 50 prove that every day.


Causeway Funds: International Stocks Are a Disaster. That May Mean It’s Time to Buy

Sarah Ketterer makes the case for international stocks in this edition of The Intelligent Investor.


Causeway Funds: Why You Should Be a Valuation-Focused Investor

CEO, co-founder, and fundamental portfolio manager Sarah Ketterer joins The Long View to talk women in investing, fund management, and portfolio advice.


Causeway Funds: Wrapping up the Week in Markets

Fundamental portfolio manager Ellen Lee discusses her value picks amid the current high inflationary environment.


Causeway Funds: Public Stock Investing with Steve Nguyen

Causeway is proud to partner with First Generation Investors, a non-profit organization teaching high school students in underserved communities the power of investing. Portfolio manager Steve Nguyen, CFA recently joined FGI’s Executive Speaker Series to share his background and Causeway’s approach to investing.


Causeway Funds: Emerging markets will overcome headline risks

Quantitative portfolio manager, Arjun Jayaraman, says emerging markets investors are trying to decide if the next 10 years will be as flat and troubled as the last decade, but despite headline risks, China and emerging markets have plenty of promise now and in the future.