Causeway Funds: International Stocks Are a Disaster. That May Mean It’s Time to Buy

Sarah Ketterer makes the case for international stocks in this edition of The Intelligent Investor.


Causeway Funds: Wrapping up the Week in Markets

Fundamental portfolio manager Ellen Lee discusses her value picks amid the current high inflationary environment.


Causeway Funds: Public Stock Investing with Steve Nguyen

Causeway is proud to partner with First Generation Investors, a non-profit organization teaching high school students in underserved communities the power of investing. Portfolio manager Steve Nguyen, CFA recently joined FGI’s Executive Speaker Series to share his background and Causeway’s approach to investing.


Causeway Funds: Emerging markets will overcome headline risks

Quantitative portfolio manager, Arjun Jayaraman, says emerging markets investors are trying to decide if the next 10 years will be as flat and troubled as the last decade, but despite headline risks, China and emerging markets have plenty of promise now and in the future.


Causeway Funds: MASTERCLASS: Value’s Resurgence

Global economic growth seems to be slowing and there is concern that the increases in interest rates by many central banks will lead to a recession. Portfolio manager Alessandro Valentini discusses this macroeconomic environment, value’s outperformance compared to growth, and where he sees opportunities.


Causeway Funds: Attention to Detail

Causeway Capital’s Harry Hartford describes why he believes today’s investing environment plays to his firm’s strengths, the situations, sectors and geographies where he sees more prevalent mispricing, and how he’s assessing the current opportunity set in China.


Causeway Funds: Two-Minute Drill with Ellen Lee

Ellen Lee, Causeway Capital portfolio manager, joins ‘Closing Bell Overtime’ to discuss her take on Phillips Electronics and UniCredit.


Causeway Funds: Stocks Post Best Month Since 2020

Causeway Capital CEO & Fundamental Portfolio Manager Sarah Ketterer, wraps up the strongest week in the markets in a while.


Causeway Funds: Investing in a Conflicted Market

Ellen Lee, Causeway Fundamental Portfolio Manager, talks about where to invest given the current geopolitical challenges.

Causeway Funds: Small Caps Masterclass

Small-cap experts cover what makes this part of the market unique, some of the dominant sectors in the space, and ways that small caps differ from large caps. Portfolio manager, Joe Gubler shares how he manages risk, some of the characteristics he looks for, and why investors should consider allocating to small caps.