article / May 2019

Highlights from Causeway Convergence 2019

We share investment videos from the Causeway research team on topics we featured at our March 2019 client conference.

article / February 2019

Causeway Brexit Scenarios

We assess the potential impact of Brexit on Causeway's global and international value portfolios

article / January 2019

Buy the Cyclicals, the Unpopular, and the Neglected

Learn why we see opportunity in some of the most neglected parts of the global equity market.

article / December 2018

Holiday Stress Tests

In recent months, political turmoil across Europe has contributed to the underperformance of the region’s bank stocks. We see a compelling opportunity to invest in banks with abundant capital, disciplined underwriting, and rising dividend payout ratios at valuations that are near crisis levels.

article / June 2018

Adventures in China A Shares

With the inclusion of China A share stocks in select MSCI indices, the emerging markets opportunity set continues to evolve. We assess opportunities and risks to consider when evaluating this growing market.

article / November 2017

Are Bank Stocks Worth the Risks?

Our team assesses what upside potential and risks remain for global bank stocks.

article / October 2017

Harnessing Changes in Chinese Healthcare

We explore investment opportunities in Chinese healthcare from fundamental and quantitative angles.

article / July 2017

A Study in Cyclicals: Energy Stocks and the Causeway Curve

Perhaps nowhere is the burden of investor skepticism more evident today than in the global energy sector. We share our fundamental approach to valuing stocks in the sector.