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article / December 2023

Notes from the Road: Semiconductors, Real Estate, and the Japanese Consumer

Causeway analysts share research travel insights on semiconductors, real estate, and the Japanese consumer.

article / April 2022

The Electric Vehicle Transition

Are electric vehicles sounding the death knell for traditional auto manufacturers or are there investment opportunities for value-focused investors?

article / November 2021

Covid, Supply Chain, Inflation, Oh My!

Causeway portfolio managers share how they are positioning portfolios amid supply chain disruptions.

webcast / October 2021

A Value Manager's Take On Disruption: Advancements In Precision Medicine

The emerging practice of precision medicine, the use of genetic or other biomarker information to tailor treatments, has already led to life-changing healthcare breakthroughs for patients fighting cancer and other diseases. We discuss the past, present and future of precision medicine and discuss some of the investment opportunities we are uncovering in this area.

article / September 2021

Regulation or Strangulation? Interpreting China’s Regulatory Push

How can investors get comfortable with the regulatory risk of investing in China?

article / July 2021

Value Investing in the Energy Transition

Outside of expensive renewables pure plays, how can investors participate in the energy transition?

article / June 2021

Local Champions: The Upside Potential in Chinese Companies

From beneficiaries of onshoring to founder-led businesses, Causeway portfolio manager Fusheng Li is identifying upside in Chinese equities while seeking to manage the market's risks.

article / May 2021

Price is Everything

Causeway portfolio managers share their perspectives on cyclicals leading the pandemic reopening rally, and how they are repositioning client portfolios as a result.