article / July 2020

A Value Investor Uncovers Opportunities in Technology

In a sector known for lofty valuations, a value investor can identify technology stocks with promising return potential.

article / April 2020

Prepared for Takeoff: Aviation and Aerospace

It may serve investors to look beyond frightening near-term declines in passenger traffic and revenue and estimate the recovery potential for aviation and aerospace stocks.

article / March 2020

The Search for the Bottom

China may provide a useful guide in the search for a market bottom in developed equity markets.

article / December 2019

Reflections on the Crown Jewel: the Saudi Aramco IPO and Changing Global Energy Markets

We discuss implications of the Aramco IPO for oil & gas majors, and the shift toward renewables in global energy markets.

article / November 2019

Causeway China Research Journal: The Returnees

We share key conclusions from our recent China research trip, which illuminated the opportunity presented by the world’s second largest equity market.

article / May 2019

Highlights from Causeway Convergence 2019

We share investment videos from the Causeway research team on topics we featured at our March 2019 client conference.

article / February 2019

Causeway Brexit Scenarios

We assess the potential impact of Brexit on Causeway's global and international value portfolios

article / January 2019

Buy the Cyclicals, the Unpopular, and the Neglected

Learn why we see opportunity in some of the most neglected parts of the global equity market.