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A warm thank you to our clients who joined us in Laguna Beach for Causeway Convergence 2019. The exchange of investment insights that took place over the course of our three-day conference was inspiring and invigorating. Below, we are pleased to share with you video highlights of some of the topics we featured during the conference. As always, we invite further discussion, and hope to see you at our next conference!

Causeway co-founders Sarah Ketterer, Harry Hartford, and Gracie Fermelia at Causeway Convergence 2019

Causeway co-founders Sarah Ketterer, Harry Hartford, and Gracie Fermelia at Causeway Convergence 2019

In March, 160 of our clients, consultants, advisors, academics, and Causeway professionals gathered in Laguna Beach, California for our third investment conference, Causeway Convergence. Against the backdrop of the magnificent Pacific Ocean, the Causeway research team applied our unique perspective of integrated fundamental and quantitative research to today’s most pertinent investment topics.

Conference guests exchanged ideas on issues impacting their professions and their constituents. Featured speakers, political scientist Ian Bremmer, former Central Bank of Ireland governor Patrick Honohan, and Stanford University economist Susan Athey shared their insights and visions for the future. The CEOs of UniCredit and Encana and the CFO of BP joined us for industry discussions.

Harry Hartford in conversation with Patrick Honohan

Harry Hartford in conversation with Patrick Honohan


Please enjoy these video highlights of our presentation topics.


Better Together: the Interaction of Fundamental and Quantitative Research in Stock Selection

Portfolio managers Joe Gubler and Steve Nguyen explain how we combine quantitative and fundamental research to benefit portfolios.


Causeway Analytics: Our Tools – Your Portfolio

How well do you know your managers’ portfolios? Senior research analysts Ryan Myers and Seung Han debut Causeway’s newly developed Risk Lens web application to reveal hidden exposures embedded in equity portfolios.


Pursuing Idiosyncratic Alpha in a Global Absolute Return Portfolio

Investors are finding that many absolute return and/or market-neutral strategies are failing to enhance returns and provide diversification. Portfolio manager Duff Kuhnert highlights how Causeway has achieved diversifying returns in our Global Absolute Return strategy, and shares analysis techniques that can help identify truly idiosyncratic absolute returns.


The Big Opportunity in International Small Caps – Causeway’s Quest for Diversifying Alpha

Portfolio manager Arjun Jayaraman examines the international small cap equity universe and reviews the benefits of using a quantitative, active approach to seeking alpha.


Value Opportunities in Information Technology

It may surprise some that there is a place for value investors in the information technology sector. Portfolio manager Jamie Doyle outlines our fundamental approach to evaluating legacy technology companies.


The Holy Grail and The Holy Grave of Investing in Cyclicals

Portfolio manager Jonathan Eng shares insights gained from more than two decades of value investing in cyclical businesses. He discusses what investors should seek, and just as importantly, what they should avoid.


Sharpening Our Tools: Emerging Markets Research from a Dual Perspective

Portfolio managers Arjun Jayaraman and Alessandro Valentini highlight the benefits of marrying fundamental and quantitative perspectives in search of alpha within emerging markets.


ESG and Alpha: New Concepts, and Global Evidence

“ESG” is attracting significant attention in the world of investing. Senior research analysts Mozaffar Khan and Victor Liu describe Causeway’s proprietary corporate governance and ESG assessment frameworks and underlying research, and discuss how a carefully constructed framework can impact risk-adjusted returns.


A Word about Causeway, from Sarah and Harry

Causeway’s co-founders and portfolio managers, Sarah Ketterer and Harry Hartford, discuss global stock market cycles, how fundamental and quantitative convergence benefits our clients, Causeway’s five-year plan, and how we maintain our culture while adapting to a rapidly changing industry.